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How Do Penis Extender Review Websites Rate Systems?

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Penis extender review websites typically use a point system divided between several categories in order to rate a particular penis enlargement device. The rating of a penis extender is crucial in that it helps the reader determine which penis extender is the best and most suited to their needs. This article will breakdown and explain the importance of each category a penis extender review website uses to rate each system.

The first point in any ranking system is safety. These devices are based on traction and promise to increase the size of your penis. This is method is non surgical but there may be some risks associated with it. Each penis extender that goes through a review is rigorously tested for safety by putting the device through real world situations. The device is also inspected for defects or anything in the design that may cause damage to the body. Once this data is collected it is then sorted then rated sizegenetics guides.

The second point is performance and results. This point measures the overall effectiveness of the penis extender and compares the results with other brands. One of the bigger questions answered in this section will be speed and how fast you will get measurable results. Testing is typically over the course of several months so both the speed in which you start to gain results and the actual growth you can expect will be documented, compared and then a score will be assigned .

Comfort is a crucial aspect of any penis extender reviewed. Penis extenders are worn hours at a time and each brand offers different support pieces. By being able to wear the device comfortably for hours on end will naturally give the best results. It eliminates the need to constantly readjust the penis extender which can slow your progress. In this section, several men are typically asked to wear the device several hours. They are then able to determine which system can be worn the longest which demonstrates the comfort level per system.

In these trying times of recession, economic uncertainty and higher than acceptable unemployment rates, value is an absolute necessity for any consumer. With any purchase of a penis extender it goes without saying the actual device will be included. But what about the other accessories needed to operate the system and be used throughout the program? Some systems demand a premium but give little in the way of foam tubes or silicone straps which wear out over time. Each system reviewed is rated on how many accessories are provided to go through the program and determine if it is justified by the price.

Nothing built last forever. The same can be said for penis extenders.

A manufacturer should be responsible for the quality of their products and penis extenders are no exception. A warranty ensures top workmanship and a guarantee means a manufacturer believes in their product. However, some companies will try to save money and attempt to either give you limited or no warranties or even force you to purchase additional coverage. This section compares each penis extender reviewed and determines how they implement a warranty policy which is usually ranked.

Overall quality inspects the workmanship, material quality and sturdiness of the penis extender. Different materials can be used when assembling a penis extender and the country of origin plays a big part in the manufacturing quality. China is well known to be able to churn out high volume merchandise but workmanship is subpar to North American standards. This section inspects each device from the inner workings to its outer finish and comments on the country of origin manufacturing standards. Each system is then given a rank depending on the overall quality of the penis extender.

Making the decision to purchase a penis extender can be intimidating but getting one delivered to your home when you don’t want any family members to know what you ordered is even more stressful. The makers of penis enlargement products are fully aware privacy is a big issue and ensuring complete privacy will make you feel more comfortable to trust and make a purchase. The privacy aspect of the rating system will cover details such as shipping discretion, if the label describes the contents, the need to sign for the package, credit card billing statement details and email spam after purchase and delivery. This rating determines also how honest manufacturers are and how well they maintain your privacy.

Speaking with knowledgeable customer service can be the deciding factor in any purchase. Great customer service demonstrates the care and passion a company has for its products and helps to prevent any feelings of buyer’s remorse. If you are experiencing problems, questions or issues before or after your purchase, the customer service department must be capable of resolving them all. This rating is based on exactly how a brand company behaves at every stage of the purchase and will reveal how much support you are entitled to from beginning to end.

Bonuses are often given with purchases as an added incentive. Who can say no to free stuff? Some companies who have tremendous brand power usually don’t resort to cheap tricks to get you to buy but at the same time it does not necessarily mean companies who do participate in this tactic are of a lower class. This section will takes into account what extras are included with the penis extender package that are not necessary to the devices uses or results but may be of interest to the buyer.

Shipping is also a big deciding factor when deciding to purchase. In this section you can find out how fast shipping takes, how much does it cost or if it’s free and from which country it ships from. The company that ships quickly and is cheapest typically gets a higher rating.

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