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Outbound Border Security

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You might think we now have sufficient dangers from abroad to keep our border agents quite busy, but that isn’t always the situation.

Back in January of 2011, CBP boarded a cruise boat, the MSC Poesia, while it was docked at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.(inch ) The boat had been about to embark upon its own Jam Cruise, a music-themed tour in the western Caribbean. Perhaps not surprisingly, a few cruise-goers apparently intended to possess high times while on the high seas. The habits agents and K 9 officers were joined in the separation by officials by the U.S. Marshals Service, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Customs agents have the ability to run patrols at ports of entry to stop illegal or dangerous things out of being attracted in to the place. But the MSC Poesia was leaving the country, not arriving. The passengers’ ownership of medication in the U.S. was a crime, however, not just a crime customs agents are charged with preventing. Exactly why were customs and border patrol agents involved in the raid?

The answer could simply be that these were the vaping cbd oil folks who brought the dogs. In United States v. Place and Illinois v. Caballes, the Supreme Court discovered that the sniff of a police does not constitute a”search” because it can not show any information concerning which a person can have a reasonable expectation of privacy. If canine alerts its coaches to the potential presence of drugs, the non-canine officers have probable cause to explore further.

Pay attention to the simple fact a CBP spokeswoman didn’t say how many people were arrested, nor would she give their titles. That information would let’s follow up the real outcome of the raid. This resembles a fitness whose purpose was publicity, not law enforcement. While the searches may have been defensible under the Supreme Court’s rulings, I imagine a good criminal lawyer would get quick work of a prosecutor’s case for failing to prove who packed a suitcase, or whether the medication might happen to be introduced at the dock or afterward by some one apart from the proprietor. However, this would only happen if there have been a truly prosecution, which is improbable given the penny-ante results the raids produced.

Is this what we need the Customs and Border Patrol to be doing these days?

We have previously seen border representatives run roughshod over civil rights – namely the best to travel within U.S. boundaries in peace – together the Canadian border. Using their permission to interrogate anyone within a”reasonable distance” of a boundary seeing immigration status, CBP agents regularly question individuals on trains and buses between U.S. cities.

I’m prone to feel that Americans smoking marijuana in America does not pose much of a threat to the country, but it’s even more obvious that Americans smoking pot in Honduras or Mexico, the MSC Poesia’s 2 destinations, introduces no threat whatsoever. The Hondurans or the Mexicans may desire to avoid the ones drugs from entering their countries. In that situation , they are able to conduct their own searches when passengers disembark.

The potential injury caused by the pre-departure hunt, however, is obviously apparent. The cruise liner industry is an significant part this Florida market. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, from autumn through spring, at least half of a dozen colossal cruise liners pull in to Port Everglades before sunrise and disgorge their passengers, while others arrive in Miami, West Palm Beach and everywhere across the nation. They often re-load and depart on their next cruise just before sunset. Aggressive ships call at the interface on weekdays and in the summertime, however there’s still a significant quantity of activity.

This keeps a lot of people working. There are people who work with the boats themselves, people who drive passengers to and from the docks, those who sell food and other goods to passengers during their stopovers, and lots of others that directly or indirectly rely on the cruise industry for their livelihoods.

While I actually don’t have some terrific urge to set out on a railroad myself, I know I’d be less inclined to want to hop aboard if doing so meant having my possessions inspected by federal representatives that are about fishing expeditions. I imagine that others who’re more thinking about cruises are probably equally bored with having their bags examined.

The cruise industry is centered on fostering the environment of hospitality and comfort. Drug-sniffing dogs don’t create quite the same ambience as, state, complimentary piña coladas might.

CBP agents have an essential and periodically dangerous job protecting our borders, yet this is perhaps not enough to keep the service from searching for other what todo. These extra-curricular experiences have harsh PoliceState overtones. Some one needs to create the boundary patrol, along side its dogs, into heels.

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