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Cardboard Brochure Holders – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

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Every business owner knows how important marketing is, and brochures are a compact and colorful way to spread information about a business. The problem is putting your brochures in an organized place that is easy for prospective customers to use. A display for your brochures is as essential as the brochure itself, since it is the first exposure prospective customers have to your business. And in the current trend of environmental awareness, cardboard brochure holders are a great way to convey that your business cares for more than just the bottom line.

A successful marketing team can make use of the many advantages of a unique brochure holder. Attractive shapes can highlight specific items you want to emphasize within the brochure, or just a personality statement about your business. Color can also quickly draw potential customers to your display, where they can easily pick up more information. Any tidbit of interesting or little known information can also be displayed Brochure holders, with answers and/or additional facts within the text of the brochure.

Teasers like this are often successful in drawing interest into the body of the brochure, and can reel potential customers in with just a line or a few puzzling words. Again, cardboard is the preferable material for use in the brochure holder, since the manufacture of a unique cardboard brochure is much more affordable than a molded plastic one. Even the symbol indicating the use of recycled materials in the cardboard construction can be an eye-catching feature, since many people are interested in supporting businesses that are “green.”

Don’t make the mistake of many businesses and focus all your marketing efforts on the information within your brochure. First impressions do not begin when the brochure is opened, or even seen. The best way to ensure interest in your promotional brochure is to offer it as a walk-away, easily carried item from a unique brochure holder. Designs can support multiple offerings, various sizes and even unique shapes as a diversion from the traditional tri-fold.

Ordering a one-of-a-kind cardboard brochure holders online allows the freedom of working with the designer without the constraints of traditional face-to-face business. You can choose to work with a designer and company that complements your business goals and helps to accomplish them with innovative designs delivered directly to you or your distribution locations. Individualize your mass-marketing from the privacy of your home or office, and let the convenient and cost-effective cardboard brochure holder do the work of the carnival barker, and draw the interest of all potential customers to your company’s information.

The first thing that you want to do before you go looking online for cardboard brochure holders is to get a general idea of what you want. Though you can save money by using a more generic design, your brochures will stand out more with a custom holder that showcases your company’s information or goals. It never hurts to have your website or phone number in one more place, and if you put your brochures in other business you can get word spreading fast.

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